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Galaxy Night HTV TeckwrapCraft

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Unleash your inner artist with our gorgeous Galaxy Heat Transfer Vinyl. Patterned with colourful galaxy swirls, enjoy making beautiful shapes, designs, TeckwrapCraft HTV are built with the finest material that’s soft, durable, and stretchable. Cut and weed it to your desired image without any fuss or clutter. The Galaxy vinyl has a smooth, glossy finish that will make your fabric projects stand out.

It has a permanent adhesive that is waterproof and works great on 100% cotton fabric surfaces. Add this vinyl to your art and have fun adding starry nebula colors to your projects! 

Nebula Cyanine Black

Starry Bright Sky

Nebula Purple

Nebula Orange


  • Size: 10” x 12”
  • Soft, durable material that is resistant to harsh elements 
  • Galaxy pattern
  • Easy to cut, transfer, and press 
  • Best HTV for weeding out small letters and fine designs 
  • Waterproof and washing-machine friendly 
  • Ideal for flat and smooth cotton fabric surfaces 
  • Perfect for t-shirts, hoodies, bags, hats, clubwear, pillow cases. 

How to Create Designs with a Galaxy Heat Transfer Vinyl

  1. Compatible with Craft Cutters, Die Cutters, Sign Plotters,etc.
  2. Mirror/Reverse your image design.
  3. Place vinyl (gloss side) onto a cutting mat.
  4. Adjust proper blade speed and cutting pressure.
  5. Weed all of the excess slowly, leaving the delicate design letters or graphics.
  6. Make sure the finished product faces the right way once ironed onto your fabric.
  7. Lay out the fabric. Place the t-shirt or fabric on a hard, flat clean dry surface.
  8. Place cardboard to protect the transferred image onto both sides of the t-shirt.
  9. Set a heat press machine from 130℃(266℉) to 140℃(284℉).
  10. Press it only for 8-12 seconds at medium pressure.
  11. Iron on the vinyl gloss side. Do not use a steam iron.
  12. Disperse the iron's heat evenly. Be sure to consistently apply pressure so the complete image is fully attached and prevent scorching the paper and cracking the image.
  13. Wait for the vinyl to COOL and gently peel off backing after a few minutes