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Artflex Branded Patterned HTV

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Here is a selection of patterned branded Artflex HTV. 

Semi Transparent camo stretch 13" x 10"
Slick Metallic Stretch 12" x 10"
Zebra 13" x 10"
Pink camo 13" x 10"
Original Camouflage 10" x 12"


Only £2.00 a sheet


Heat 150 degrees centigrade

Press for 12 seconds

Cold peel

Wash at a Max 60 Degrees Centigrade

Can be tumbled dry & Dry cleaned

Instructions to cut;

Mirror your graphic in your cutting software and cut on the matt / reverse side. Cut the garment film using the same pressure as standard vinyl.  Artflex may require a slightly higher pressure setting as these films are thicker. You can press using a heat press using the settings detailed below or by using a domestic iron on (or just below) the hottest cotton setting with no steam and allowing an extra few seconds of application time.