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Pet Rocks-3d printed cuties looking for new homes

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Be the proud owner of a Pet Rock.

These lovely cheeky cute Pet Rocks are approximately 4" high, with movable arms and legs.

Plus you can even make his head juggle, check out the video.

By picking one of our carefully chosen names you will be sent;

One named pet rock in a surprise colour (we try pick a variety if ordering more than one)

One carefully created personalised certificate of ownership, rolled and tied with a ribbon. 

Presented in a lovely bag to keep the pet rock safe. 

Delivery is extra and not part of the free delivery spend. 

Please add in notes what name should be added to the certificate.

Names currently available :







More names coming soon 

Now the boring adult stuff.

The Pet rock is 3d printed using PLA, a recyclable, natural thermoplastic polyester that is derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane , they are not classed as a toy and not recommended for under 5 year olds.

Some perfections may be noticeable. .

This is not a toy