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PUFF HTV ( Teckwapcraft & Other)

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Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl is a great way to add a fun, 3-D look to your favorite projects. Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl is designed for the direct-to-garment application of graphics, text, and designs. It is engineered to withstand the heat of high-temperature garment presses. This vinyl allows you to get a great effect that is hard to get from other methods, and it's great for making your own tees or decorating t-shirts made from 100% cotton.


Puff heat transfer vinyl is a super soft, matte heat transfer vinyl. Made from 100% polyurethane, it can be applied to any t-shirt or garment using a standard heat press or home iron. 

Benefits of Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

Easy to use: Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl is an all-in-one product that requires no additional carrier or adhesive.

Cuttable: You can cut your design with any standard vinyl cutter.

Versatile: Puff HTV can be applied to a wide range of products including athletic wear, hoodies, t-shirts, and more.


Size: 30cm x 25cm sheets- buy more than one of the same colour and it will come rolled on one piece. 

Colour: Coral Pink (TeckwrapCraft) Black and White (7OneStudio exclusive) 

Adhesive Type: Permanent


The main factors that affect the puff effect are the fabric, ironing time,ironing temperature and pressure

Different fabrics, different temperature, time, pressure, the effect will be different

We always advise testing before you make.

Suggested pressing 

Operating temperature 155-160℃

Time 15-20 seconds

The pressure is 2-3 kg (too heavy foam is flat, too light may not be firm)